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Johnny Cash - I Walk The Line - Guitar Cover



Okay, so I decided to do another cover of I Walk The Line by Johnny Cash just to record something with my old Jolana Marina 2 guitar.

The thing is that I have owned this guitar for 19 years now and I never quite knew what to do with it, since it is pretty impossible to play. The strings are really high - the action on the 12th fret is more than 4 mm and the bridge is not fixed to the body, it is held in its position only by the tension of the strings. So if you bend a string or just more than touch the bridge with your palm, it moves and the guitar goes out of tune. The pickups have very thin sound, it has absolutely no sustain.

The story goes like this: The guitar was built in 1965 (so it will be 50 years old the next year!). It was not a succesfull model, so they dropped it after one year. My dad bought it for me in 1995 from a second-hand shop, since he had this one too when he was a kid. I was really not pleased with it, since it had a broken neck and it was really useless. (I took me another 2 years of saving money untill I got my first"real" electric guitar - my black and white Squier Strat in 1997). I didn't get rid of it and in 2005 I got the neck fixed. Still, it is really difficult to play, but not totally impossible. But I really love the way it looks, so for those 19 years I used it mostly as an interior decoration. Everything on the guitar is original, except of the three way switch, which was added there in 2005 for switching the pickups instead of those four switches under the neck pickup. Those switches worked when I got the guitar, but didn't work any more in 2005. The guy that repaired the neck added the three way switch and I think it fits there nicely.

Now I thought that I Walk The Line might be the song for this guitar, since it is just a simple picking, using only the first five frets. I think it turned out quite well :-)

So the equipment used is: Jolana Marina 2 - BOSS CS-3 - VOX AC15C1 - SHURE SM57

My other cover of I Walk The Line with my Fender Strat is here: